Welly Mulia

BirdSend.co - Affordable email marketing tool for Creators
My customers send 1 million emails/day combined. I write about using email marketing to sell products/services. Founder of ESP for Creators - BirdSend


Hey guys

Have joined since Dec but haven't had the chance to introduce myself.

I run an email marketing tool for content creators who want to save 3-5x in expenses.

My current goal by the end of the year is to take it to a 30k MRR (currently we're at 15k). There are a few challenges: marketing, improving and scaling our infrastructure so that our users are always delighted when using our tool, HR issues -- hiring the right teammates.

Excited to be here to learn from all of you. Gene thank you for creating this like-minded community. I'm sure we all can learn from each other!
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