📚 Fullstack engineer. 1/2 bearly.fit
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Ask me about AWS, serverless.yml and nextJS. Not a guru, but happy to help 🙌.

YCombinator startup school podcast 🎙

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Also available on spotify and other streaming platforms.

Perfect for commutes and running.
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I am Toomas

And as opposed to Darren (from The Golden Coast), I am an inexperienced tech entrepreneur 😜. 

I used to be a MacOS developer, but today is actually my one year anniversary since I quit my day job. 

I transitioned in to making stuff for the web using AWS and React and I couldn't be happier. 

About half a year ago we launched an online fitness platform for women, together with my girlfriend, called bearly.fit

We've had some moderate success so far, but we still have a Looooooooong way to go, especially marketing wise.

I'm looking forward to learning from all of You ✌️
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