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Dear bootstrapped founders,

I am taking over Gene duty to run and entertain this small community of great founders by doing a warm reboot 🙏

I have started to re-organized spaces to make them more focused and useful for busy people like ourselves, with spaces dedicated to typical issues we face as startup creators 🛴

I would like members to think of this place as a way to start the day or the week, find useful resources they can use immediately, or experiment with, and interact with a small community of like-minded startup enthusiasts for help and valuable feedback. This interaction will make the place take shape for all of us 🏆

Take a look at the new place, let me know what you think, and don't be afraid to ask questions, this is a casual place to relax, share our startup experiences, and live the startup life 😃

So let's have fun! 😇

>> rebooting now...
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Hello FoundCircle

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Hi there,

Happy to join this interesting community of founders of bootstrapped tech firms. Hoping to meet new people and share important advice on how to navigate the difficult world of startups. I am running a mini fintech firm trying to up financially the game for the average person by building for them investment products that have a target return of 15% or more. I am a fully registered SEC investment advisor and I have about 1,000 users. 

Currently following the excellent LEANStack and LEANstartup vision for growth hacking this fintech project, and trying to crack the problem/solution phase for our app. A lot fun and a lot of pains, but wouldn't change this for the world :)
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