Md Salehin Khan

Co-Founder & CEO, Inoryum Ltd
Digital Entrepreneur, Full Stack Developer, Founder at @inoryumLTD. Building in Public & Sharing what I've learnt so far

Hi all

Hi All,
Its good to be here. I am Salehin Khan (@SaleheenKhan1).Β  & ThanksΒ ο»Ώ Gene ο»Ώ for having me here.

I have a company Called Inoryum Ltd & Building some products to kickstart my company.
  • Visioun A premium ghost theme library. Live but not completed yet
  • Spookey! Managed Ghost Publication. Under development
  • wizards A productize service for selfhoting ghost publication users..Β 

again I am really excited to be here to meet & learn from you guys.

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