Alan Bradburne

Hey! I’m bootstrapping, monster hunting with my son, working on learning Japanese

Hello from Fukuoka!

Hi everyone!

I'm Alan, a developer living in Fukuoka, Japan. Great to be here! πŸ‘‹

After building, launching and selling some small web apps back in the early 2000's I ended up freelancing and then CTO'ing at a small startup but realised I desperately wanted to get back into building and launching my own thing again.

So just as the virus broke out, I ended up quitting, taking on a freelance client to pay the bills and started thinking about my own thing. So I've been slowly building a daily check-in tool for teams called http://dotplan.ioΒ 
I've just brought on the first small batch of users and it's been great to incorporate their feedback - planning to bring on some more users next week.

I've been living in Japan for 4 years now, and despite some challenges, love it here. The city is desperately trying to grow a startup community here, so they've been really helpful with company setup, introductions to local businesses and have a startup hub in a converted old elementary school where we hold events, pitch events and co-working. It's been fun to get involved and try to help other startups get going!

Looking forward to getting to know folks around here and helping wherever I can!

Photo is from my lunchtime walk around the neighbourhood. Lovely day but blowing a gale!
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