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Got my first paying customer 🀯 + 7 Blogs created with

Yesterday, I got my first paying customer for I rechecked many times to see if it really happened πŸ˜…. The best thing is I haven't even launched the product yet. So far, excluding me, 14 people have created their account, among them 7 people have created their blog, and among them 1 person has upgraded to monthly premium plan. I guess this is really happening. After talking with some of the people who have created their blogs, the one thing I realized is that I need to create a user manual, and all of them are asking the same questions, so may be an FAQ section would be nice. This is what I'm going to do next, before sending the email to the waitlist users.Β 
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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! I am Bhanu Teja. I am a software engineer. I quit my software engineering job in Jan 2020 to work on something on my own. For more than a year since then, We (me and a friend of mine) worked on a product (in private). We faced some challenges, and in the end, we did not end up launching anything. Even if we did launch, I am not sure that anyone would have cared about the product. So, we decided to move on from that.

Currently, I am working on a product called It's a blogging platform like Ghost but built on top of Notion. You write, edit, manage and publish your blog posts directly from Notion. I have been working on this since the first week of May and got to around 250 people on the waitlist. I just closed off the waitlist now and going to start reaching out to people on the waitlist.

I am a first-time founder. So, I have no idea how to navigate this space. That's one of the reasons why I joined this community. My current challenge is figuring out how to get the product in front of more potential users, and hopefully convert them to paid customers.

These are the tools that I am currently using for
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